All Goral shoes are handcrafted in Sheffield, England from start to finish with all our production processes carried out by skilled craftsmen. Our factory is family run; currently by its third generation, dating back to 1936 and supporting the traditional heritage of shoemaking. Our master craftsmen use skills that go back generations and put their love and passion into every pair.

Each shoe is meticulously finished by hand in a labour-intensive process; it takes more than 200 individual steps to handcraft a pair of our shoes. Care and precision must be taken to ensure all shoes are created to the highest possible standard. Great attention is paid to even the smallest details to confirm each pair leaving our factory is nothing less than perfect.

Our shoes are made using only high-quality materials, which we carefully select from the best tanneries and suppliers around the world. We can proudly say that we have total control over our shoes from the very beginning to end.

Our shoes stand out through their contemporary design and continuing traditional British manufacturing. Our goal is to design shoes that combine comfort, quality and style with timeless trends; we hope this is displayed in every pair we create.


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