About us

Established in 1936, Goral is an independent family run business manufacturing the finest traditional handmade footwear from our base in Sheffield, UK. Now run by the third generation of the Goral family we operate from new premises with modern production facilities and old fashioned craftsmanship.

Our shoes are still crafted entirely by hand in our factory. From hand cutting of the leather components through assembly, stitching and final polishing ensuring that the shoes have the highest possible quality. No machine will ever match our extraordinary handmade quality.

Over the years we have been steadily growing, recently moving premises to a modern, fully equipped factory unit where we employ highly skilled craftsmen, fully conversant with traditional shoemaking, to produce high quality footwear to defined specifications. This makes us one of the very few footwear factories focusing on traditional shoe making left in England.


We work with many major UK footwear brands and also abroad, passing our knowledge and passion to footwear brands that wish to locate their manufacturing process in England. We value their decision and that is why we always strive to offer our best workmanship to meet their specific demands.

Not only do we have our own footwear collection but we are also able to manufacture footwear for independent labels or offer footwear production services such as upper clicking and closing. We produce consistently high quality workmanship to your own specific requirements with strict quality control and meeting your production deadlines.

Our company offers footwear development and production for other brands, small or large we are able to take care of the footwear development, sourcing the finest materials and any necessary packaging so the shoes are ready to be shipped to you. With over 80 years of experience in the footwear industry we have the knowledge, skill and experience to help your brand grow.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@goral-shoes.co.uk , if you believe we may be able to help you or your brand.